Turn your voice notes into pages in Notion.

Record a voice note outlining your day, ideas, or anything else. We'll transcribe it, analyze it, process it, and add a new page to your Notion database.

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Capture everything

Turn your voice into helpful notes

Talltale helps you transform how you reflect on your work and life. Just record a voice note, save it to OneDrive (other cloud providers coming soon), and let OpenAI's Whisper and GPT-4 do the rest.

Runs in Background

There's no interface to learn. Use your favorite voice recorder app, save notes to OneDrive (other cloud providers coming soon), and we'll do the rest, in background.

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Accurate Transcription

Transcription is powered by the industry-leading Whisper service by OpenAI. It's incredibly accurate, and gets better with time.

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Power of GPT-4

We use GPT-4 to analyze, summarize, and process your voice notes. It extracts as much useful value from your notes as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you store my data?
We don't store your voice recording files, transcriptions, or Notion-formatted pages. We do store your account details (email, name, etc.), your Notion API key and database ID, and your Stripe customer ID.